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NUTRITION: Cats are carnivores. This means they were built by Mother Nature to get their primary nutritional needs met by the consumption of other animals. In a natural environment, a cat would be eating a high-protein, moderate-fat diet with only about four to nine percent of their diet from plant sources.

REST: Cats can clock up to 18 hours of dozing time a day depending on age, activity level and living conditions. Their bodies are designed for short bursts of focused energy. Cats sleep very lightly and make up the total length of time they sleep with what we've come to call "catnaps."

STIMULATION: In the wild, cats get all the stimulation they need from tracking movements of predators and prey. Domestic cats, however, especially indoor cats that don't hunt for food, may need (or simply enjoy) the focused burst of activity that catnip provides. Catnip is harmless and just plain fun. It's stimulating effect is especially beneficial to sedentary cats.

SAFETY: As a predator who can also become prey, all cats have an inborn instinct for caution and self-preservation. Domestic cats, however do depend on their keepers to help keep them out of harm's way. Even cats that spend most of their time indoors may be exposed to a number of potential hazards that can be prevented with safety education and products.

EXERCISE: Cats are naturally inquisitive, playful and social creatures; a lack of adequate physical and mental stimulation can lead to weight gain, poor health and even aggression. All cats, but particularly indoor cats with restricted territory to roam and exercise, will benefit from regular activity. Toys that mimic the thrill of the hunt invite a cat to call its 500 skeletal muscles into action, if only just in the name of fun.

HYGIENE: Cats are instinctively fastidious about personal hygiene. In the wild, cleanliness is a survival skill. Grooming and litter management products enhance the instinctual hygiene habits of domestic cats. The Simply Organized System allows cat owners to collect all these hygiene-enhancing products into one convenient spot. The Purrfect Order™ organizes litter accessories while the Vapor Vault™ contains litter waste and odors.

INDEPENDENCE: A cat's notorious need for independence is not just a feline personality quirk, it's an inborn survival instinct. Unlike dogs that are genetically set to run with the pack, cats are geared to go it alone. Solo investigations help all cats acquire important information about their environment. Since domestic cats have fewer outlets for solitary activities than their wild counterparts, toys for independent play can greatly enrich their lives.

TREATS: Many cats can be trained to perform basic exercises such as how to use the cat door or to come inside when called. Whether you want to modify your cat's behavior or simply want a between-meals way of saying "I love you," find a reward your cat will really like. For good motivation and a real reward, a treat is in order. Cat treats work because they are distinctly different than a cat's daily food ration, which a cat comes to expect.

INTERACTION: Bonding with humans is vital for a pet cat. Cats who trust their owners and surroundings often have fewer behavioral problems and are more enjoyable pets. You earn the trust and affection of your pet through active, consistent and rewarding interaction. Interactive toys put the fun in your hands, helping to strengthen the bond you have with your cat.

HUNT: All cats, whether wild or domestic, belong to the same tribe when it comes to hunting behavior. But domestic cats don't usually hunt because they are hungry; they stalk small prey out of instinct, curiosity and a release for their boundless energy. Toys help satisfy this drive and offer a safer, kinder substitute for both indoor and outdoor cats.

PRIVACY: Even the most domesticated housecats come from a long line of carnivorous hunters. To live this life on the edge of seeking prey while escaping other predators, feline survival has required stealth, secretive behavior. Cats feel the most secure when they can view the world from a place of concealment.

SCRATCH: Your cat's desire to scratch is a hard-wired instinct, not a behavioral problem. Claws are indispensable feline tools; cats use them to hunt, play, groom, exercise, mark territory and defend themselves. Scratching helps keep claws in find shape by removing an irritating scale that grows with the nail. And scratching just feels good! Redirect your cat's natural need to scratch by offering satisfying scratching alternatives. You'll both be happier.

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Bliss Mist™
Catnip Caterpillar™
Catnip Mouser™
Catnip Spin™
Catnip Stogie™
Fresh Catch™
Fish Bonz™
Flock'o Fun™
Jeepers Creepers™
Kitty Pillar™
Lil' Creepers™
Mouse Full™
Pure Bliss™ catnip
Purrfect Scent™
Tackle Twist™
Tea Zing™
Tipsy Turtle™
Wobble Nip™
Zippy Snail™


3 Blind Mice™
Bird Cage™
Cardinal Call™
Cheep Thrills™
Feather Flips™
Flutter Mouse™
Fowl Play™
Go-Go Bug™
Parrot Tweet™
Tweet Thing™
Tweety Ball™


Adora Balls™
Busy Body™
Flutter Fly™
Mobile Madness™
Twinkle Chute™


Big Bopper™
Dragon Flyer™
Plume Crazy™
Switch Up™
Twitchy Tail™


Brush Buddy Scratcher™
Carpet Clawz™
Claw Climber™
Curve Appeal™
Dream Curl™
iScratch™ insert
Mix-n-Scratch™ Arch
Mix-n-Scratch™ Door Hanger
Mix-n-Scratch™ Mat
Mix-n-Scratch™ Post
Mix-n-Scratch™ Ramp
Mix-n-Scratch™ Carpet Refill
Mix-n-Scratch™ Jute Refill
Mix-n-Scratch™ Seagrass Refill
Mix-n-Scratch™ Sisal Refill
Paw Pleaser™
Peak Purrfect™
Pillar Pawz™
Purr Highness™
Rope Around™
Savvy Scratch™
Scatchers Choice™
Scatchers Choice+™
Scratchers Welcome™
Sea Ramp™
Sisal Solution™


Secret Slumber™
Sweet Surrender™


Bird Beam™
Bumper Mouse™
Cheese Chaser™
Crazy Tail™
Flash Dance™
Fun Beam™
Mystery Motion™
Pure Commotion™
Super Swooper™
Wacky Web™




Beauty Bow™
Brush Buddy™
Clean Sweep™
Groom Tube™
In Deep™
In Step™
Keep Away™
No Scents™
Odor Out™
Pristine Paws™
Purrfect Order™
Purr-fect Paws™
Scoop Pocket™
Tidy Tie-up™
Vanishing Act™


Cuddle Sack™
Flirty Birdies™
Scooter Balls™


Bamboo Buddy™

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