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The natural oils in catnip trigger a burst of energy in most cats. While the initial response fades, catnip toys attract cats to have the same stimulating response over and over.


Yes. You can earn the trust and affection of your cat through consistent and rewarding interactions. Interactive toys put the fun in your hands, helping to strengthen the bond you have with your cat.


Yes. Domestic cats don't usually hunt to satisfy hunger, they stalk prey out of instinct, curiosity and as a release for their boundless energy. Toys help safely satisfy this drive and offer a kinder substitute for small prey.


A cat's independent streak is a
natural instinct. Most wild cats explore and stalk prey alone. Since domestic cats have fewer outlets for rewarding solitary activities, toys designed for
solo play can enrich their lives.


A lack of physical activity can lead to weight gain, poor health and even aggression. Toys that mimic the thrill of the hunt encourage even inactive cats to chase, pounce and leap, transforming playtime into exercise time.


The instinct to scratch is hard-wired into cats. Cats scratch to mark territory and promote healthy nail growth. Carpet scratchers provide cats with sufficient resistance to really dig in for a satisfying scratch session.


Discovering your cat's scratching preferences can feel like guesswork. We recommend trying corrugate first because the texture closely mimics tree bark, one of the most common surfaces cats love digging their claws into in nature.


Scratchers shouldn't have the same surface as what you want to deter your cat from scratching. Durable seagrass
is an ideal alternative because it is
rarely found on furnishings in the same form that it's found on scratchers.


Scratching helps cats stretch, tone muscles and even helps alleviate stress. The rough texture of sisal provides a particularly vigorous workout and is an exceptionally durable scratch surface.


The best location for your cat's scratcher is wherever your cat likes to scratch. Place your cat's scratcher near his current scratching targets. But make sure it's a surface your cat will scratch. Jute's coarse texture makes a scratching surface cats can't resist.


Catnip stimulates receptors in your
cat's brain causing a surge of activity followed by peaceful relaxation. Whether used dried or in a spray,
catnip will attract most cats to use toys, beds and scratchers.


Cat treats can help modify your cat's behavior or simply say "I love you." Many veterinarians believe cats crave a grassy treat because it adds roughage to their diets. Naturally nutritious and simple-to-grow
grass sprouts are safer than houseplants
and chemically treated lawns.


The best way to control litter scatter is to stop it before it starts. Litter mats that clean your cat's paws when he exits the box are essential because they trap the litter and make it easy to return it to the box.


The best deodorizers don't simply mask odors with perfumes and chemicals, but actually clean the odors from the air using natural materials that are safe for your cat, your family and the environment.


Cats seek out private hiding spots because of their instinctual need to observe the world from a place they feel safe and secure. Ideally this is a place they can feel hidden but still offers a view of the world around them, providing a quiet retreat and a safe vantage point to keep
an eye on household activity.


Cats are built for intense bursts of activity, and sleeping reserves energy for these unpredictable surges. Most cats appreciate a special rest spot as an escape from household activities.


Therapeutic beds evenly distribute weight to help rejuvenate your dog as he rests. Convoluted foam's distinctive bumps cushion and support, while memory
and gel foams conform to your dog's shape, relieving stress on aching joints
and muscles.


Provide your dog with his own comfy place to sleep and rest. Make sure it's the right size; there should be plenty of room for your dog to sprawl out. Then it's a matter of consistent and loving training with lots of rewards.


Your dog's habit of resting curled up was inherited from his wild ancestors who slept like this to protect from predators. Today beds with bolsters and high walls help satisfy this ingrained need for protection and security.


Beautiful, cozy and functional bedding is a must-have in any home or car that shares space with a dog. Easy-care throws allow your dog to rest on your sofa, bed or car seats while protecting it from dirt, drool, fur and wear.
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