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Knowing What Your Pets Want

Petlinks™ products are designed to help pets and pet parents live and play together.

Cat Toys and Everyday Accessories

Innovation, safety and environmental responsibility drive our product designs.

Created by a community of vets, pet experts and pet parents, our unique system helps you find the right products to fulfill all the needs of your pet.


A cat has five needs that can be satisfied through play. By providing toys for each of these needs, cat parents can help keep their cats happy, healthy and young at heart.

  • Exercise

    Motion and laser toys promote activity and help improve your cat’s physical well being.

  • Excitement

    Catnip toys stimulate your cat and increase the enjoyment of play.

  • Hunt

    Feather, light and sound toys that cats love to chase and pounce on.

  • Independence

    Floor toys that cats innately love to pounce on, chase, bat around and explore.

  • Interaction

    Wands and dangler toys let you create the unpredictable motions your cat finds irresistible.


Scratching is an instinctual behavior for cats that fulfills many needs. Cat parents can deter this behavior away from furnishings by providing a variety of satisfying scratch alternatives from Petlinks.

  • Carpet

    The loopy texture is a satisfying scratch surface preferred by many cats.

  • Sisal

    A durable and rough texture popular with cats and cat parents.

  • Seagrass

    A durable texture that cats love to sink their claws into.

  • Corrugated

    Replicates the texture of tree bark, a surface felines love to scratch in nature.

  • Jute

    A course texture cats can’t resist scratching on!

  • Deterrents

    Sprays and tapes that discourage your cat from scratching your furnishings.


A happy, healthy pet is one whose emotional, physical and instinctual needs are met through mental stimulation, bonding, physical fitness and a healthy dose of downtime.

  • Rejuvenate

    Superior cushioning ideal for pets with achy joints and muscles.

  • Privacy

    Cubby beds and covered furniture provide cats with a safe hiding spot.

  • Sprawl

    Cozy beds with room for your pet to stretch out.

  • Stimulation

    Dried catnip and catnip sprays invigorate and attract cats.

  • Treats

    Seeds and seed kits make it easy to grow the greens your cat craves.


The litter box is an essential part of most cat parents’ lives. Petlinks’ innovative designs to help with the day-to-day realities of the litter box.

  • Clean Up

    Litter mats and essential tools that help make clean-up a breeze.

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