Petlinks® Mystery Motion™ Electronic Concealed Motion Cat Toy, Cheetah

Petlinks® Mystery Motion™ Electronic Concealed Motion Cat Toy, Cheetah

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12 reviews for Petlinks® Mystery Motion™ Electronic Concealed Motion Cat Toy, Cheetah

  1. Adele V Moran

    I foster senior cats who love this toy; it’s great for gentle exercise and my shepherd also loves it. Thank you for a great product.

  2. Ron Walters

    My two cats love it! Hands down their favorite, or should I say paws

  3. Sheila Tomaier

    The only interactive toy that all my cats will play with. The others even watch when one is playing.

  4. Nancy

    We got this for our 3 cats for Christmas 2021. They absolutely love it! Never have they played with a toy so long, everyday, with each other or by themselves. It was a big winner, and we have more fun watching them.

  5. dawn Jackson

    I have had a smartykat hot pursuit toy for about 8 years, My cats would fight over it and it finally died last year. I had not found another toy like it until now. I bought one for my 3 cats for Christmas and I bought another one two weeks ago because they love it so much! These are by far their favorite toys to play with!

  6. Judy Meitzen

    I have have 2 year old cat and a 10 year old and they both love it! Only problem is that in less than three weeks of use they have destroyed the toy. They try to carry it off and will drag it around. Can I get a replacement toy to attach to it?

  7. Nikki Patterson

    Great toy!! My two cats absolutely love it, keeps them engaged and entertained.

  8. Nikki Patterson

    My two cats love this toy!! Perfect for entertainment and keeping them stimulated.

  9. Maggie J.

    My cats love this toy. My one kitty will lay next to it and wnñnill keep meowing until I turn it on t. The one pr oblem I have is that the handle will go around once and stop. Blue light is on but no movement. Changed batteries twice.

  10. Adam

    My cat loved this toy, but unfortunately the fabric ripped after some rough play after a few days. Is there a possible way to get replacement fabrics?

    It’s an amazing toy, still worth 5 stars just for the few days of fun he had, but at the price point, unfortunately I can’t keep buying bc it’s too costly for how quick my cat tore it.

    Note: I don’t see anyone else talking about this, so it may have just been an unlucky unit for me, I don’t want my review to take away from the absolute joy this toy brings. It’s AMAZING.

  11. Barbara Tucker

    My cat absolutely loves this. It lasted quite a while but she has ripped the fabric and the feathers are no longer attached to the wand.
    Is there a way to get replacement parts? The price of a new unit is reasonable but I hate having to throw out the working base.

  12. Nancy

    My cat loves this toy so much!! The problem is, after a few months of body-slamming it, he tears it up! Like the other client says, I can’t buy it over and over at this price. Is there a way you can build in better protection for the mechanism? Zach really wants another one!

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