Petlinks products enhance the way that people and pets live and play together.

The innovations behind our thoughtful, fun and effective products are driven by consumer insights, extensive research and thorough testing. Incorporating environmental materials whenever possible, our products are designed to child safety standard and are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee so pet parents can rest easy with Petlinks products!

The petlinks system is a color-coded system that we place prominently on our packaging to:

  • Educate consumers about their pet’s many needs.
  • Identify the products that meet those needs.
  • Difference between the various types of products in each category.


A cat has five needs that can be satisfied through play. By providing toys for each of these needs, cat parents can help keep cats happy, healthy and young at heart


Feathers, crinkle & animal sounds trigger cats’ hunting instincts.


Catnip & silvervine stimulate cats for more exciting playtime.


Wands & danglers boost bonding by putting the fun in your hands.


Elextronic motions & balls encourage cats to get up and move.


Mats, tunnels & floor toys delight cats with entertaining solo play.


Scratching is an instinctual behavior for cats that fulfills many needs. Cat parents can deter this behavior away from furnishings by providing a variety of satisfying scratch alternatives.


A loopy texture is a popular & satisfying scrach surface.


This rough material is very durable both when woven & as rope.


Whether woven or rope, this material is satisfying & durable.


Mimics the texture of tree bark, which cats love to scratch in nature.


Cats love this coarse surface that’s available as woven & as rope.


Tools to discourage cats from scratching on furnishings.