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Products  /  Petlinks® Dizzy Thing™ Electronic Spinning Cat Toy

Petlinks® Dizzy Thing™ Electronic Spinning Cat Toy

Petlinks® Dizzy Thing™ Electronic Spinning Cat Toy

Cats are intrigued by The Petlinks® Dizzy Thing™, a whisper quiet electronic motion cat toy that spins and rolls with erratic starts and stops. The whirling felt leaves and fluffy tuft on the top captivates cats and encourages exercise. Replaceable batteries are included. Eco Advantages: Plastic housing is made with recycled plastic.

Where to Buy
  • ELECTRONIC MOTION: The electronic cat toy spins in quick, erratic, and unpredictable movements that is sure to keep your cat entertained and occupied to encourage focused and engaging play

  • GREAT FOR EXERCISE: Promotes health and fitness by encouraging your cat to move, satisfying their natural instinct to chase and pounce on prey

  • MULTI-TEXTURED: Different material textures work to mimic the feel of real prey; featuring soft felt and fluffy tufts to further satisfy your cat’s hunting instinct

  • BATTERY POWERED: Replaceable batteries come included with the purchase

  • TESTED FOR SAFETY: Petlinks always makes safety a priority, which is why we design products to meet child safety standards; they do not contain small parts, lo cords, or other hazards, ensuri the safety of both pet and child

  • ABOUT US: Petlinks products help pet owners meet basic feline needs; from scratchers and toys to edible grass and catnip, our products are designed to stimulate a particular feline need while fostering a stronger relationship between you and your cat

60% Plastic
15% Electronics
5% Metal Weight
10% Polyester
5% Batteries
5% Natural feathers

Spot clean with warm water dampened cloth.

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